Reflective Films

Reflective self adhesive PVC used for long term high visibility and safety applications where reflection of light enhances the signage. This greatly improves drivers on high  observation and entrance angles, noticeably better luminance on signs at all angles; works well at short and long distance


3M 780mC-10 White Reflective Print Wrap Film

3M 780mC-10 Reflective White Print Wrap Film opens the door to the next era of vehicle wrap installation. Engineered with wider retro-reflective viewing angles, the films chief advancement lies in its increased conformability and self-healing properties. This multifaceted film provides installers with a film that stands up to the rigorous vehicle wrapping process that includes repositioning, elongation and conforming without severe bruising and possesses increased stretch and bend capabilities, allowing seamless moulding around vehicle contours.

3M 983 Series Fluorescent Diamond Grade Vehicle Marking Tape

3M 983 Series Diamond Grade Vehicle Markings are highly retroreflective microprismatic self adhesive films designed to improve the visibility of emergency vehicles to approaching drivers. Exceeds NFPA 1901 standard. Fluorescent yellow-green for added daytime conspicuity. Highly visible with excellent daytime and nighttime brightness. Durable with a 7-year warranty. Non-metallic, non-corrosive. Rigid film for easy application.

3M 997 Diamond Grade Vehicle Marking Tape

3M 997 Series Diamond Grade Vehicle Marking Tapes are the latest in 3M flexible prismatic technology. Designed for application to flexible truck side curtains as well as painted aluminium or steel surfaces of rigid vehicles. Available in yellow, white and red. 3M 997 tapes deliver excellent flexibility, reflectivity, brightness and durability. Compliant to AS/NZS 1906.2 Class 1A. Available in 50.8mm x 15m roll. Can also be sourced with die-cut square and oval shapes.

3M 1170 Series ECF Electro Cut Translucent Film

3M 1170 Series ECF Electro Cut translucent film is a range of transparent coloured films with a pressure sensitive adhesive. These films are used to apply over white reflective films to add colour while still allowing show through of the reflective film beneath. ECF films are perfect for electro cutting and weeding where lettering, logos or shapes are required.

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