Special Effect Films

This range of vinyl films can be digitally printed, handle well through conversion and offer a 6 month outdoor durability in a wide variety of patterns. Suited to interior or seasonal exterior graphics. Can be computer cut or printed through screen, solvent inkjet or hot foil processes.


3M 1080 Series Vehicle Wrap Film

3M 1080 series cast films are anything but ordinary. Create a cool and distinctive look for your vehicle. These 90 micron dual layer cast wrap films come in high-gloss colours, matte colours, brushed metal and carbon fibre looks. True textured films that you can use right out of the box, no overlaminate is needed. Conveniently made in 1524mm for those extra wide applications. Can be purchased in lineal metre lengths.

3M 8900 Series Wrap Overlaminates

3M Wrap 8900 Series Overlaminates lets you create combinations of colour and textures like never before. A range of premium cast transparent specialty laminates available in 7 different colours and textures. Suitable for laminated film applications onto fleets, vehicles, watercraft, transit & smooth wall surfaces. Up to 8 year vertical durability.

3M 3635 Series Light Management Film

3M 3635 series specialised range of self-adhesive films with a variety of reflective, light blockout or light transmitting properties. Films with 0 to 60% light transmission as well as films with colour changing properties from day to night. Talk to your account manager about the variety of films and the myriad of applications where these films are used. Standard roll sizes are typically 1220mm width x 45.7m length and available for purchase by lineal metre.

3M 3635 Chrome Translucent Film

3M3635-110 Chrome film is a unique 0.8mm translucent film offering a glossy chrome appearance in a finished graphic. This medium to long-term film can be applied to most surfaces or thermoformed on a high temperature co-polyester sheet. It is designed for use on first or second surface signs in an internally-illuminated sign box. 3635-110 is unsuitable for printing. 3635-110 Chrome is a dual layer construction and can be suitable for low surface energy surfaces. Can be purchased in lineal metre lengths.

3M 8855 Chrome PVC Film

3M CHR8855-420 is a unique chrome-look self-adhesive film intended for signage applications where maximum eye appeal is required. This high-gloss film carries clear permanent adhesive and will suit many graphic display applications. When applied in strict accordance to manufacturer specifications, including vertical exposure, you can expect 2 to 3 years durability. Can be purchased in lineal metre lengths.

Lumitac Luminescent PVC Film

Lumitac Luminescent self-adhesive PVC film is a unique film where 'glow in the dark' properties are required. Suitable for digital printing with most platforms or screen printing with solvent and UV inks. Lumitac face film absorbs UV energy and then re-emits this in darker environments. Can be purchased in lineal metre lengths.

Kiwa Luminescent PVC Film

Kiwa Photoluminescent PHF60 is a 200 micron 'glow in the dark' yellow/green self-adhesive PVC film typically used for exit, warning or safety signage. This film absorbs UV energy and re-emits this in dark environments. Can be purchased in lineal metre lengths.

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