Our backlit banner products are available in many varieties to suit all indoor & outdoor display graphic applications where rear illumination is required. We carry a variety of gloss levels as well as different weight & weave constructions to provide the correct strength of product for the application. All backlit banner products can be printed with solvent or UV inks.


VIEWflex Backlit 510gsm PVC Banner

VIEWflex Backlit is a 510gsm super smooth semi-transparent PVC banner suitable for rear illumination for optimum backlit signage applications. An impressive PVC banner providing super tenacity, high strength with a surface treatment for optimum print results. Suitable for internal, external and all display applications where super clear graphics and fire retardant features are required.

Seemee IV Backlit PVC Banner

Seemee IV Backlit PVC Banner is the perfect choice for long-term external backlit signage applications. Seemee IV is the global benchmark for external durability and illuminated print quality. Excellent illumination for brilliant colours, extraordinary durability, universal application and printable both sides. 1370mm to 3200mm width material carries gloss finish and 650gsm, whereas 5000mm material carries satin finish and 550gsm. Minimum purchase is 10 lineal metres.

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