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Includes cleaners, primers, edge sealers, application rollers, heat gun, textured applicators and squeegees.


3M 300 HIPA Clean

An isopropyl alcohol (IPA) spray recommended to ensure surfaces are free from light contaminates such as fingerprints and dust prior to application of 3M tapes and adhesives, particularly 3M VHB Tapes. Conveniently packed in a 300 gram aerosol can for easy application onto surfaces.

Mactac White Hard Squeegee

Mactac White Hard Plastic Squeegee is the ideal application tool when applying self-adhesive PVC to most rigid surfaces.

3M 700 Adhesive Cleaner and Solvent

3M 700 Adhesive Cleaner and Solvent is a versatile general use solvent in aerosol form. Ideal for cleaning contaminated surfaces prior to bonding, removal of adhesive residue, or dismantling previously bonded articles. Leaves no residue and has a controlled drying rate.

Mactac Felt Squeegee

Mactac Felt Squeegee is the ideal application tool when applying soft self-adhesive PVC to most rigid surfaces to avoid fine scratches.

3M 77 Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive

3M Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive is a permanent, high tack and fast drying adhesive that is clear in colour. It bonds papers, foils, cardboard, lightweight wood, fabric, foam and lightweight metal. It is Ideal for crafts, hobbies and general purpose adhesive use. Supplied in a convenient 467 gram pressure pack spray can.

MacTac Pizzie Finishing Roller

Mactac Pizzie is a small application roller especially designed for applying self adhesive films into crevices such as mortar joints in brick work.

3M 3950 Edge Sealer

3M 3950 Edge Sealer is the ideal way to seal edges of reflective films to prevent dirt and grime destroying multiple film layers. Will also seal edges between film and substrate. Use this product to seal exposed edges of compatible films to help prevent the film from lifting due to water, environmental exposure or cleaning. Container contents 237mL.

3M 4150S PET Edge Sealer

3M 4150S PET Edge Sealer minimises the adverse effects of rigorous use or prolonged or severe exposure conditions by providing water and contaminant-tight seal between a graphic film and substrate. Edge sealer 4150S is a single component colourless liquid. Container contents 237mL.

3M Primer 94

3M Primer 94 can be used to prepare surfaces of a variety of materials to improve adhesion of 3M tapes. Best suited for use with surfaces such as polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS, PET/PBT blends, concrete, wood, glass, metal and painted metal surfaces. Supplied in 2 pack sizes, 236mL and 946mL containers.

3M Application Tools

A range of application tools designed to assist with applying vinyl.


HVG Graphics Media carry a range of 3 squeegees to suit all requirements. All squeegees are popular amongst sign manufacturers who use these for applying all sorts of film to a variety of surfaces. All squeegees are moulded from easy glide soft feel polymers for long lasting results.

Squeegee Low Friction Sleeve

Low friction sleeves will easily slip over your squeegee to improve the slip between your squeegee and the film being applied. Convenient pack of 100 sleeves. You will find these very useful for high-gloss films where you want to protect the surface from the lightest scratches during your application.

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