Pedestrian safety targeted by local councils with the help of HVG Graphics Media floor graphic solutions

27th November 2017

Due to an increase in pedestrian accidents on Sydney’s busy roads, a number of local councils have made the decision to implement awareness campaigns throughout the Sydney streets, to highlight the need for pedestrians to be aware and cautious on footpaths and crossings.

HVG Graphics Media’s outdoor floor graphic solution, SAVANNA, is being applied directly to footpaths as a visual reminder to pedestrians to be road-safe, and the importance of looking up before stepping off the kerb. SAVANNA is a highly durable printed self-adhesive decal, which withstands the rigours of both pedestrian traffic and the weather. It best suits targeted 3-month campaigns, and serves as a highly effective way to communicate messaging to commuters who are often more focused the smartphones in their hands, than fast paced movements of their immediate surroundings.


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