Dibond at Mt Gambier Library


South Australia has a new architectural icon to admire following the construction of a new library in Mt Gambier.

The eye-catching Mt Gambier Library features an exterior screen constructed from Dibond – a unique aluminium composite product which has become the premier choice for Australian signage and display needs.

Designed by Gregg Mitchell, creative director of Groundplay, to complement the architecture of Peter Moeck at Brown Falconer Architects, the screen’s interwoven features presented a number of challenges.

Having worked with Dibond on previous projects, manufacturer and owner of Iguana Creative, Jeff Fulford, knew the product’s aluminium composite construction, with its lightweight and flexible nature would provide the perfect canvas on which to create the vision of Gregg Mitchell.

“The screen’s complex design was developed to reflect communication, information and languages in a strong and creative way, but without being too specific about it,” said Mitchell.

As a result the finished product contains a variety of letters and numerals, which provided an opportunity for Dibond’s flexible properties to come to the fore.

“Dibond is very easy to use and manipulate. It’s great for difficult projects because you can fold it to create a variety of shapes and seamless designs,” said Fulford.

The product’s superior adhesion properties also meant it was highly receptive to paint, and arriving pre-finished in a high quality modified polyester paint finish suitable for over painting not only made it a cost effective alternative to other products, it also cut down on the time needed to prepare.

“I had no concerns about the durability of the product because  the A5005 alloy of Dibond makes it extremely corrosion resistant, particularly in view of the amount of exposed edges as a result of the patterned cutouts”.

“The support from HVG is also second to none with regards to composite sheet.”

The 6mm white Dibond was purchased from HVG Graphics as a flat sheet, before being painted, fabricated and installed over a six-week period.

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